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Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've moved! Well, lets just say I can't keep a blog worth crap.
But, I'm still active and doing a few projects. To see what those projects are, just go here:



Sunday, July 09, 2006

Forgot the title...

Alright, well, I got lost again and didn't update in, well, forever.

The job search landed me with a position at Advanced Heat Treaters, not exactly a great job but it's simple work with decent pay/hours. The rest of the summer has been flying by in short order, so things have been going rather smoothly.

Got a letter in the mail from PSU asking if I would attend graduate school. I'm not sure if I will since I don't know if my finical situation will let me. I would like to, thinking it may expand my job opportunities. This will require more research and thought.

I finally got Guild Wars Factions and quickly got hooked again. I have a ridiculous amount of time placed into this game (over 400 hours easily), but considering it cost just as much as every other game I have bought, it is far more bang for the buck.

The BEAST did me over one more time. The SATA power adapter had a minor problem with a smaller than normal pin on the standard 4-pin ATX connector side. This caused the array (both hard drives since I ran one splitter) to loose power. I lost an array over that, which was hell for awhile. I have since managed to fix the problem (I hope) and have decided to forgo the RAID 0 array. Sad, but true, as it was becoming too much of a problem for other projects. Yes, I finally am triple-booting with XP Pro, Vista Beta 2, and Ubuntu 6.06. XGL and compiz is running pretty nice on this system. Since the last few months they have expanded some features, finally got some major things figured out, and now has a fully graphical configuration utility. Good times are ahead.

Oh, one final note is my new little program I wrote up. Because of some retarded software I use to add album covers to my music collection, I have to skip to each song to each is updated. Well, I was using a simple program called Aaron’s Clicker, which did what I needed to do (emulate a mouse click at timed intervals). Unfortunately, it was on a trial and had to be bought after so many days. So, I did some research and figured out that Visual Basic could be used to write a dirt simple program that could do essentially the same thing. Thus, I present Timed Clicker.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cleaning out the room

Well, it's that time of the year. I'll be packing up and shipping out of the dorm room within a week, leaving with one more year to go. Hopefully, that one will go slightly more smoothly than this one went. Anyways, other matters.

Job searching, particularly a summer internship, seems to be a bust. More and more it's starting to look like I'll be back at the old home-improvement job soon enough. I kinda hated the job, but I'm familiar with it, so I wouldn't totally mind going back. Hopefully they need some summer-only help. If not, I immagine there is more jobs (with better pay, too).

The BEAST has been hell for me. I had a stick of RAM go bad on me, which got replaced fairly easily. No sooner then I get it (didn't even have a chance to install it yet) then the pump controller totally die. Yea, another two weeks without the computer. Alright, so I get the new active-power controller and the water is running better than ever. Hard drive corruption. The Maxtor hard drives I was betting on to be a better buy started throwing bad sectors at me. Oh joy. I lost my RAID 0 array, AGAIN, but only lost my recent Napster music additions. I couldn't even determine which drive was bad, since thier is somehow a bad compatability problem with the model drives I had (DiamondMax 10 series, although the 11 have the same problems) and the nForce4 chipset. How wonderful. Shipped them back to NewEgg and got me some Western Digital RAID Edition drives. I'm not running them in a RAID this time. Hopefully this will give me some better reliability, and give me the chance of Linux on that machine. Ugh, what a pain having these failures. The only thing I'm really not happy about is I can't directly return the old drives; I can only request a replacement. To eBay I go!

Monday, February 27, 2006


What is it? I don't know what the word means (or even where it came from) but I do know the name of the program. Combined with something else called XGL under Linux, it's an advanced 3D desktop with features that OS X doesn't have and even Microsoft's upcomming Vista wish it had.

Anyways, read my detailed ordeal with compiz on XGL here:

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here it is, Kool_Killer!

Well, today, I finally got around to putting together a web page. As sucky as it is, lets give it a whril!

Check it out here:

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Plastic Surgery!

Well, this is a facelift, isn’t it? I found Google Pages late last night, and that started me on a little update-rampage. This blog has a face-lift with some other improvements, such as an update to my list of links. Check them out, especially the first one, where someday I hope to get all of my projects up on the web. Google gives me that chance, with a VERY slick interface. Unfortunately, it was Dugg, meaning, it was posted on Digg’s front page which caused every geek this side of the moon to try to go there at once. Somehow, they managed to take down Google! I’m sure it will be back though. Until then, enjoy…

Monday, February 20, 2006

The EVIL doctor waits...

This semester is actually good! Enjoyable classes combined with some easier topics (and slightly less asshole-ish professors) and overall less workload actually gives me some time for stuff that I want to do. AMAZING!

So what's up then? Well, many things are in the pipeline, of which I can discuss none of. Top-secret, hush-hush type stuff, I assure you.

But, other things are awesome. Came home last weekend and hung out with Dwayne and Earl (who just got married) and made a few rounds to the bars. Most enjoyable, now we just have to get Robertson to come along to Gunners and have Brett serve us a CANNON (100 oz. of beer with it's own tap).

Well, before I wrap this up, I'll tell you about my one friend on the 4th Floor Hamiliton. His name is Chris, although he wants to be called Creese. He's a speaker nut. In his room he has a home-built 5.1 audio setup for his computer. The two front satilites consist of 4 in. woofers with 1 in. tweeters. Rear channels are 3 in. woofers in parallel with some Monsoon flat-pannel speakers. The center channel is impressive, with a 10 in. woofer, two 3 in. woofers, and 2 tweeters. Then, the awesomeness of his 15 in. subwoofer that shakes the entire floor.
But what's really awesome is his DJ setup. He has some pretty nice, but generally standard-issue PA speakers, but then he one-ups it with his BASS TOWER. Four 15 in. subwoofers in a tower about 6 ft. tall. Incredibly impressive to see, and even better to feel. Man, when I get enough money, he's building me one of those, heh.