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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Today we (i.e. about ten PSU:DuBois students) went on a University Park Transition Tour.
Very interesting it was. The Main Campus is big, really big, mind-boggling hugely impressively vast, to say the least. It's quite intimidating to see just the scale of it, especially considering I spent the first two years of my college career at perhaps the smallest PSU branch campus (yeah, we have FIVE buildings, total, and three houses).

But even with all the intimidation of being next to the largest buildings I have had the pleasure being next to, I'm excited going down there. Sure, it'll be overwhelming for the first two weeks. Hell, I'll probably be so nervous I'll barely eat for the first two weeks. But after that transition I know I'm going to have fun.
For someone who has been locked up in a two-bit town for 20 years, I'm excited as hell to get to a town where I can actually walk to a huge business district and actually visit decent shops. Saint Marys isn't bad, mind you, but NOTHING compared to State College.

Now, if the GPA I built in DuBois can keep me afloat for these last two years, then I'll be set.


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