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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cleaning out the room

Well, it's that time of the year. I'll be packing up and shipping out of the dorm room within a week, leaving with one more year to go. Hopefully, that one will go slightly more smoothly than this one went. Anyways, other matters.

Job searching, particularly a summer internship, seems to be a bust. More and more it's starting to look like I'll be back at the old home-improvement job soon enough. I kinda hated the job, but I'm familiar with it, so I wouldn't totally mind going back. Hopefully they need some summer-only help. If not, I immagine there is more jobs (with better pay, too).

The BEAST has been hell for me. I had a stick of RAM go bad on me, which got replaced fairly easily. No sooner then I get it (didn't even have a chance to install it yet) then the pump controller totally die. Yea, another two weeks without the computer. Alright, so I get the new active-power controller and the water is running better than ever. Hard drive corruption. The Maxtor hard drives I was betting on to be a better buy started throwing bad sectors at me. Oh joy. I lost my RAID 0 array, AGAIN, but only lost my recent Napster music additions. I couldn't even determine which drive was bad, since thier is somehow a bad compatability problem with the model drives I had (DiamondMax 10 series, although the 11 have the same problems) and the nForce4 chipset. How wonderful. Shipped them back to NewEgg and got me some Western Digital RAID Edition drives. I'm not running them in a RAID this time. Hopefully this will give me some better reliability, and give me the chance of Linux on that machine. Ugh, what a pain having these failures. The only thing I'm really not happy about is I can't directly return the old drives; I can only request a replacement. To eBay I go!


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