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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dreams show the darndest things...

The following is an account of last night’s dream (more accurately, this morning from the times of 9:05AM to 9:30AM). The following is as accurate as I can remember, however, minor details have been changed to reflect a more sensible situation, for some artistic flare, and lastly because my dream memory isn’t the best.

The setting is me playing my character, Dargo Dramea, on a game I often play called Guild Wars. I was in a unknown town. The entire area was an island for which the town consumed. The soft rolling grass covered hills and steep dividing walls of earth reminded me of one of the planets in Knights of The Old Republic (except there were no flying whales… but I digress). I was near the merchant, where a long earth-wall separated the merchant from the rest of the town. Just then I was hit by an arrow. “What the hell? You can’t take damage in a town!” I had thought. A nearby monk healed my damage, with no apparent source of the damage. “You can’t take damage, and you certainly can’t use your spells in a town” I had announced to the town channel. Some people acknowledged the weirdness of it and just said it must be some really interesting bug. Immediately afterwards, a loud crumbling sound came from the towns main entrance. The NPC’s of the town (non-playable character) including the merchant off to the side of me screamed out “They found us! Run, run for your lives!” The merchant in front me turned and ran to the opposite side of the city as the noise. Just then, a huge party list developed. It contained the entire town (with, oddly enough, each health bar was half-length to fit everyone in a reasonable area). Characters immediately started to follow the NPC’s, with no one chatting anymore as they scrambled. People were falling fast, from the looks of the party window. I had noticed a small off-to-the-side path behind me that went behind a earth-wall and wandered up towards the front entrance. Me and a warrior (wearing Gladiator armor) started to follow up this path.

There we saw who was attacking. A hideous cross between a Grawl and a Mountain Troll was attacking two necromancers. They weren’t doing too well, so we joined in to help. As soon as we did, two more of these beasts ran in. I stayed back, casted Arcane Echo, fired off a Rodgort’s Invocation into the group, and then fired it again thanks to the echo. One more fireball combined with the necro spells and the distraction of the warrior caused them to fall. I ran to the group, but six more beasts came from the entrance to the town towards us. I glanced at our party list and realized the almost the entire town’s compliment was dead. The chat channel was now explosive with activity as people tried to grasp the happenings. The six Grawl Trolls were on us, attacking, and quickly taking out the already weakened necromancers. They all ganged up on the warrior, and knowing there was little I could do, I ran.

I wasn't really sure at first which direction I was heading; I just tried to get away from the grawl trolls who had by now finished off the warrior. I found myself running towards the door from where all these creatures came from (it was unprotected since they were chasing down other helpless victims, particularly those that were away from the computer and remained motionless). As I ran through the gate and onto the large dock complex of this island town, I found myself face-to-face with a sorcerer of some kind in one of the classic cinematics that we are all familiar with. He was average dressed in solid black, with just some gold trim outlining the cloak he wore. He said in a raspy voice as the Grawl trolls surrounded us "We have come back to reclaim what is ours. You are the last of people to survive. Go back to your king. Tell him what has happened here. Tell him it will happen again. Now, go." He motioned to the nearby boat, which my character walked on and drifted away out to sea.

At this point I woke up, realized I hit the snooze button a few too many times, and ran to get to class.


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