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Monday, February 20, 2006

The EVIL doctor waits...

This semester is actually good! Enjoyable classes combined with some easier topics (and slightly less asshole-ish professors) and overall less workload actually gives me some time for stuff that I want to do. AMAZING!

So what's up then? Well, many things are in the pipeline, of which I can discuss none of. Top-secret, hush-hush type stuff, I assure you.

But, other things are awesome. Came home last weekend and hung out with Dwayne and Earl (who just got married) and made a few rounds to the bars. Most enjoyable, now we just have to get Robertson to come along to Gunners and have Brett serve us a CANNON (100 oz. of beer with it's own tap).

Well, before I wrap this up, I'll tell you about my one friend on the 4th Floor Hamiliton. His name is Chris, although he wants to be called Creese. He's a speaker nut. In his room he has a home-built 5.1 audio setup for his computer. The two front satilites consist of 4 in. woofers with 1 in. tweeters. Rear channels are 3 in. woofers in parallel with some Monsoon flat-pannel speakers. The center channel is impressive, with a 10 in. woofer, two 3 in. woofers, and 2 tweeters. Then, the awesomeness of his 15 in. subwoofer that shakes the entire floor.
But what's really awesome is his DJ setup. He has some pretty nice, but generally standard-issue PA speakers, but then he one-ups it with his BASS TOWER. Four 15 in. subwoofers in a tower about 6 ft. tall. Incredibly impressive to see, and even better to feel. Man, when I get enough money, he's building me one of those, heh.


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