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Friday, June 17, 2005

Here I am

Alright, I tried keeping the goal, but I failed. Oh well, move on.

What I really wanted to do was test this network card. A while back Jon gave me this wireless card that should of been compatiable with his handheld. But unfortunetly, it didn't work. Here, the firmware was some unoffical version that didn't work with the drivers I had. So, using my brothers 10 year old laptop, I flashed an older, correct, version, and BINGO. She works, yes, she does.

Unfortunetly, the browser, roughly ported from IE 4, is dirt old. Lots of things are just unsupported, like any formating for this very post. But, oh well, I can live with it.

All in all, a neat project to do that became very handy. Now I gotta see if Jon will sell this to me...


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