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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Forgot the title...

Alright, well, I got lost again and didn't update in, well, forever.

The job search landed me with a position at Advanced Heat Treaters, not exactly a great job but it's simple work with decent pay/hours. The rest of the summer has been flying by in short order, so things have been going rather smoothly.

Got a letter in the mail from PSU asking if I would attend graduate school. I'm not sure if I will since I don't know if my finical situation will let me. I would like to, thinking it may expand my job opportunities. This will require more research and thought.

I finally got Guild Wars Factions and quickly got hooked again. I have a ridiculous amount of time placed into this game (over 400 hours easily), but considering it cost just as much as every other game I have bought, it is far more bang for the buck.

The BEAST did me over one more time. The SATA power adapter had a minor problem with a smaller than normal pin on the standard 4-pin ATX connector side. This caused the array (both hard drives since I ran one splitter) to loose power. I lost an array over that, which was hell for awhile. I have since managed to fix the problem (I hope) and have decided to forgo the RAID 0 array. Sad, but true, as it was becoming too much of a problem for other projects. Yes, I finally am triple-booting with XP Pro, Vista Beta 2, and Ubuntu 6.06. XGL and compiz is running pretty nice on this system. Since the last few months they have expanded some features, finally got some major things figured out, and now has a fully graphical configuration utility. Good times are ahead.

Oh, one final note is my new little program I wrote up. Because of some retarded software I use to add album covers to my music collection, I have to skip to each song to each is updated. Well, I was using a simple program called Aaron’s Clicker, which did what I needed to do (emulate a mouse click at timed intervals). Unfortunately, it was on a trial and had to be bought after so many days. So, I did some research and figured out that Visual Basic could be used to write a dirt simple program that could do essentially the same thing. Thus, I present Timed Clicker.


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