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Friday, September 16, 2005

Cheaters suck...

Below is the message I sent to Guild Wars violation reporting system.

It is in my regret that I even have to write this message, but I feel it must be done. As a summary, I believe the player of the character Eyes On Silas is using a bot to control his character. The following is an account as accurate as I can remember of the time about 12:30PM to 1:30AM on Thursday, September 15th.

The night started when I was helping Helena The Dread (N/R11) and Errutu Denuscar (N/W12) kill Garfaz Bloodfang with my character Dargo Dramea (E/Me20) in the Diessa Lowlands. Out of boredom I offered to take them up to Yaks Bend. We stopped at the Grendich Courthouse before we left for the big trip. At this point we offered to take another person up for free. Eyes On Silas joined up as a level 11 Warrior/Monk.

Immediately I thought something was off. Eyes On Silas began saying in the team channel "Let's go!" and "I'm ready!" "Lead on!" But, we went out anyways, not really thinking he was a bot but simply maybe not so good with the language. We got out to Diessa Lowlands to begin our journey. He said "Lead on!," turned, and ran to the nearest group of Charr. He attacked the group as we tried to keep up. Mid battle he spoke "In the name of the k-ing!" amongst other phrases that we would hear later on. He almost died, just barely getting off a healing signet as the last Charr fell. He said "Lead on!" once again. So I started to lead, stopping before the next group to let everyone catch up. He didn't, saying "Lead on!" before running into the next group and attacking. After we killed the Charr, I finally asked in team-chat if he was a bot. The other two guys understandably thought it was funny. We got no direct response, only another "Lead on!" after a few moments.

As we continued our way I kept asking if he was a bot, telling the other guys that he was a bot, but we still only got the cookie-cutter responses as before. During one battle he finally died, saying “Revenge me!” When we didn’t resurrect him after awhile (mainly because we couldn’t) the bot began responding “I am THE team!” and something to the sort of “You will regret this!” By this time we reached the Ascalon Foothills, where he was resurrected and the charades began again, but this time we let him attack a group of Hydras and watched him die. We got few responses back from him at this time. We moved up into Traveler’s Vale where he resurrected again, and we quickly watched him die, again.

At this point I realized that I was going to drag this bot to Yak’s Bend, and since we were so far it made little sense leaving the bot and reforming. So we pushed on into Yaks Bend.

I had accused Eyes On Silas several times in team chat of being a bot. I had said several times in team chat that I was going to report him. We never got any other responses that resembled a player was playing the character.

When inside Yaks Bend, I announced on the all channel that Eyes On Silas was a bot as a warning to anyone who was listening. Some people asked how I knew that, and about 30 seconds later Eyes On Silas responded with “You wish.” I noted his apparent automatic responses he was spewing, which he said to just use the up arrow in the chat window. He then apparently demonstrated the technique, speaking about 75% of the phrases he said sequentially without any doubles in a matter of seconds (literally less than a second between them). I told him I was reporting him of using a bot, which he said what that would do.

Now, I want to rant here a little bit. Eyes On Silas did not attempt to refute my accusation, what a person would normally would do. No, he asked what would be the consequences. This, if you know a little about the psychology of lying, is a HUGE admission of guilt.

At that point, some others commented how “stupid” the phrases “the bot” said. Others said to report him and offer links to the Guild Wars support site. By this time I had added Eyes On Silas to my friends list, and I had noticed that he immediately left Guild Wars.

As a final note, I would like to say how much I enjoy Guild Wars. You guys have built perhaps the only MMORPG that I will ever play, let alone enjoy.

I would also like to note that I am no perfect soul myself. I have done the whole IDDQD and IDKFA equivalents in games, but this was only done to amuse myself. What Eyes On Silas did is FAR different, as his cheating affects the accounts of thousands of others by giving him a very unfair advantage over others. I hope in your investigations, either in the case of Eyes On Silas or in the many other cases I imagine you deal with, that you remove these people in order to better Guild Wars as a whole.

Once again, I thank you for this amazing game and your incredible support of the Guild Wars community.


Joseph Auman


  • At 5:46 PM, Blogger Brain_ReCall said…

    I recieved this in response about a half-hour after I submitted my report. I don't know if the rather quickness of the reply is a sign or not, I'll just have to check to see if our bot is still on a week later.


    Thank you again for reporting this incident to the Guild Wars Support Team.

    We have reviewed the game logs of this incident and taken the appropriate action based on the information from the logs. As previously indicated, due to our Privacy Policy (, we will not be able to provide any additional information regarding this report. That is to say, we cannot reveal what action, if any, was taken, nor if the actual violation was confirmed. However, please be assured that the Guild Wars team takes EULA and Rules of Conduct violations very seriously. We are dedicated to maintaining an enjoyable playing environment. Because the incident that you report has been handled by the Guild Wars team, we are now setting this incident to a "Closed" status.

    Thanks again for submitting your report.


    The Guild Wars Support Team


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